Keep It Safe with Maddie and Matt’s Safe World

Just as much as we would like to thwart that bottomless pit and protect ourselves from getting sucked into a black hole of the unknown, we would like to— I’m sure you do— prevent that same fate to happen to the next generation. We try to block everything that may give us that strange or perhaps dumb decision ever at the least. Most of the time, the emotions entangled with it that has been alien to us washes over us. We draw out unpleasant thoughts plaguing us and try to seek solace. Indeed, we often opt to surf the wave a little further until it crashes and we choose to shrug off some. However, we only end up getting a dire consequence.


No, I’m not talking about that thing you’re thinking about. I’m referring to safety. Thankfully, the kiddos and tots of this contemporary world can now be equipped with a solid defense— a safeguard against any forms of harm and violence. Besides, it all relies in our own hands and responsibility to hone their future.


The kids— the vulnerable and gullible ones— often are the victims of peril, mishaps, and even agony. They’re still too young  to battle off this tough and mean world, really mean world. We, as adults on the other hand, often neglect to conform to the standards of the universe. 

With another app developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. from the Maddie and Matt series, we can provide children a refuge or a sanctuary where they can live harmoniously.


Maddie and Matt’s Safe World makes each kid vigilant. By this means, it teaches them safety precautions and early interventions to address some accidents or natural calamities. Its many improved features include:

Rough Day 

Maddie & Matt’s very own comics showing how the two siblings go through their daily lives safe and sound.

Mini Games

Jaywalk - Help Maddie and Matt convince jaywalkers to cross the street using the footbridge! 

Safety Signs - Do you know how to read safety signs? Take this quiz to find out! 

POM - Homes are not always the safest places for kids. In this game, buttons representing proper remedies must be dragged to their corresponding hazards. 

Safety and Survival Kit - Help Maddie and Maddie pack the necessary items inside a safety and survival kit. 

App sharing via Twitter and Facebook

Help - App comes with an illustrated guide to help users.


Guess this world isn’t going to end without kids knowing at least how to defend themselves. Maddie and Matt’s Safe World for iPad is available on the iTunes AppStore for a whopping price of free. Do check it out and help them get to safety.

To know more about this app and get updates, visit its Official Website.

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