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On The Threshold Of A New Beginning

Year 2008, I enrolled at Miriam College as an AB-GEN student wherein I have to take up and pass both M-100 and E-100.  Luckily, I passed both and got good grades on my first few subjects; I even got 5.0 in my Algebra and Psychology. Eventually, I was brought to a dilemma of what course to take. I thought of International Studies and Psychology but then I decided to take up Communication. It was meant to be, I guess. On my 2nd year, I became a legit Comm student and joined the block of Section 4. I don’t know anyone from that block except for Aggy, who’s also an AB-GEN student and my classmate in one of my summer classes during first year, (and come to think of it, we’re not even close) not until fate brought me closer not only to this girl but as well as my other blockmates. :) That major decision in my life set off a cascade of events-may it be good and/or bad.

There has always been this perception about Miriam students- maaarte. I can attest that this isn’t always the case and/or applicable most of the time. Indeed, in all certainty of people’s insightfulness regarding this matter is mere myopia. We’re just no ordinary people :):)

Harking back, my schooling isn’t always smooth sailing, as what I’ve mentioned in my earlier blog post, it takes a lot of perseverance and patience to be able to surpass everything that comes my way. Time flies very fast that I didn’t even notice that this journey is close to its end.

*rides a time machine and presses the fast forward button*

22nd of March 2012, Recognition Day. I was able to bring along with me my mother because of this:

An exclusive invitation to those who’d be awarded that day. Yes, I was able to make it to the Dean’s list. So surreal. Bee, Tessa, Mabie and Lee, my fellow blockmates also made it! Not to mention, Meg bagged an award as well! I also noticed that some of my co-AB-GEN classmates made it to the Dean’s list. Honestly, it was really unexpected, my theory for this was maybe my friends and I were mentally studying while gallivanting. #soproud!

*rides a time machine and presses the replay button*

Was it sometime in high school? When I was in my 2nd year HS, I was on top 10 among my batchmates. My father once told me that I am intelligent but not knowledgeable. He’s actually right up to now hahaha! Anyway, I was a perfectionist extraordinaire before and by the time I went to college, I learned to loosen it up a bit or probably enormously, (of course, not to the point that I’d settle as a mediocre student) and I liked it better. :) 

*rides a time machine again and presses the fast forward button*

24th of March 2012, the dog days of hot and humid weather was over (for a moment). Twas the Baccalaureate mass and the actual graduation day. The Bacc mass was solemn enough for me to think of how grateful I was for those people I shared most of my school life-my professors, friends I gained from other sections and courses and of course, my blockmates. Yet, school wasn’t enjoyable at all without these beautiful people:

Gorlets. I will sorely miss these wonderful ladies. :) Some gorls are missing in the pics thou. *o*  Ciara and Grace - my karaoke buddies! I owe em a lot as well  :> same goes with Doodies! :)

4:00pm. Same day. The moment I’ve been waiting for. This is it, I finally marched and got my diploma.

I was on the verge of bawling when we crooned (haha) the Miriam College hymn, and I intuitively felt like the video cameraman even focused his lens on me, lol. How could you disturb my moment, I kid :):)

Did I mention that this day was also the birthday of my mother? This probably was the best give she’d ever received! :) After graduation, my family went to Eastwood City for a double celebration. I thought everyone would flock there after the grad ceremony, apparently I just thought of it otherwise.  

And definitely, we devoured everything on our plate and felt so bloated!

To wrap it all up, our minds can only hold so much, and that is why those that I remember, even just the snippets of our 2-day graduation experience should be treasured. Thanks to my camera and those who held and used it, I have these moments captured.

FINAL Lesson: I will certainly bring Miriam College along with me. :) Well, not literally:):)

Surely, a lot has yet to come, as cited from our grad song:

A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the takin
I know I can make it, today my life begins.

(Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars)

Again, kudos MC blue batch 2012, we’re officially unemployed! :):)

Student 2008001322, signing off.

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