Bidyofest ‘11 + Awarding + After Party

3 Oct 2011 | Miriam College | North Park

As the production manager of our short film entry “Fall in Line” for Bidyofest ‘11, one of the perks of it was this VIP ID. Our director, Grace, also have this ID. :)

Ticket booth at the Paz Adriano Little Theater foyer. So many people watched it! even outsiders!

Dun dun dun dun, presenting the Board of Judges for this year’s Bidyofest!

Mae Caralde

Writer Gilbeys Sardea from GMA-7

Actor Bembol Roco, who is also the chairman of the board of judges.

My former Filipino professor and a Palanca Awardee, Sir John Iremil Teodoro.

Topel Lee who is an acclaimed Director. (Filmography as a Director: Ouija, White House, Tumbok)

Actor Luis Alandy, who sat in front of our seat (haha lol). He starred in one of the entries in Bidyofest, which is “Manarism”. He’s the significant other of my film classmate Bebs Hollman (from Star Circle Quest, a  commercial model etc.)  

Luis being interviewed about his experience in making “Manarism”

Grace and yours truly, presenting a speech (ehem) to introduce our short film entry, “FALL IN LINE”.

It was nerve wracking but at the same time overwhelming that we made this far after the long journey our film has gone through.

Delivering my thank you’s and acknowledgement to people who supported and made this film possible!

To be able to stand up there in front of many people. I felt so proud and at the same time happy that our film made it as an official entry for Bidyofest, an annual film festival event in my school, Miriam College. I was touched when the host of the event told us that Director Topel Lee texted Ms. Nancy, the head of Bidyofest, that our films were amazing and that he can’t believe that we, students made it. As I’ve watched ALL the entries, I can also say that the films we made are promising!!! Kudos MC students! :) 

After the showing of the official entries and some film exhibitions was the Bidyofest Awards Night.

This is team “Who the Hell is Noel” who bagged almost all of the awards! They won Best Musical Score, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Actress and Best Editing. They’re my blockmates. /proud! Congrats gorls!

This is team “Manarism” who won Best Actor and Best Film. I love their film, it’s a comedy starring Nathan Lopex (who’s known from his film “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”) and Luis Alandy. They’re my classmates as well in film class.

Bembol Roco having his speech.

Some of the FALL IN LINE team with Bembol Roco. :)

After the Awards Night, Vanity strikes! :):) Althou our film didn’t win any award, we were nominated in the category of Best Miriam Spirit Award, now that was really unexpected! To be able to make it this far, we’re already thankful enough for the opportunity and for the blessing our God bestowed unto us. He really moves in mysterious and surpising ways! :) We consider Bidyofest as one of the highlights of being a Miriam College Communications student. All is well paid off!

Of course, we indulged ourselves into eating sumptuous foods afterwards! FYI, I didn’t eat lunch because of the goosebumps I’ve experienced preparing for my speech of sort for Bidyofest.

There’s no place like NORTH PARK <3 A great place to share foods with friends/family o/

Beef with radish hot pot!

Yang Chow rice <3

Our favorite on earth! Beancurd skin!

Btw, we also ordered Lemon Chicken, I love it to bits as well!

Extra garlic fried rice :)

Twas indeed a blast! A once in a lifetime opportunity I’ll remember for the rest of my lifeee! This goes to shows we continuously grow… and improve :) Next semester will be our last and our graduation is fast approaching!

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