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A mermaid gliding in a cup of green tea latte.

My heart draws a dream. ♡

Thesis it!

After our thesis oral validation or defense, I went out of our school together with my thesismates, Mabie and Meg. We ate lunch at a newly opened food establishment in Katip, which is Moshi Moshi, a Japanese resto. :)

(photo from yesterday @ Mcdo Katip, doing thesis ppt presentation)

There’s no single word I could fathom because of the happiness we’ve experienced after our defense. At first it was really nerve wracking but afterwards, it surely was unexpected and at the same time, inspired us to do better especially because our panelists mentioned a lot of revisions. :p (lol see the construction of my sentence). We’re happy and blessed with the result that’s it! :)

I’m thankful for my professors, Ms. Tan, Sir Alagaran and of course Ms.Gadja for their support, especially Ms.Gadj’s unwavering-dash-motherly love for us, her former students in CommRes.

Anyhow, time for thesis treat!

The place was pretty awesome inside! the interior and the ambiance for me was superb enough! althou the staff there won’t greet you in Japanese :):)

waiting for our order with this little thing. hmm, can somebody enlighten me, what do you call this?? haha! 

As usual, I ordered ebi tempura :):)

Pictures were taken using my crappy cellphone, I can’t wait for my new phone to arrive haha! I didn’t take pictures of the food Mabs and Meg ordered since this food trip wasn’t planned at all and thus was so spontaneous!

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