Like a Skyscraper (by Saichi Montoya)#OOTD Visit: for more deets about this look!

Like a Skyscraper (by Saichi Montoya)

#OOTD Visit: for more deets about this look!


More than a month to go before my silver birthday. Yay for another year to celebrate and nay for the fact that I’m turning a year older. Haha, if only age stops at 21.

Anyway, I wanted to share my wishlist just in case you, yes you, are reading this outdated blog of mine and is interested to grant my desires which includes the following:

1. The much coveted Keds sneaks. I’m in dire need of new kicks, really. This could be paired up with anything actually and it’s perfect for me since I love going out with my chums.

2. Watch, preferably Aldo with sets of straps or Michael Kors (wow!). I really need this thing to constantly remind me of time.

3. Wallet. You know, where I place my hard-earned cash. Haha! As if I earn a lot:p

4. Polaroid Camera. I really need this snapper (inclusive of film with nifty designs) for my life. I would love to take snappies of unknown places with it.

5. Knuckle Rings. Probably the cheapest of them all. I don’t know why lately I have that knack for this type of accessory but I guess they’d be really cool in my lil fingers.

There you have it. However, this list isn’t limited to just that, you know, you can gimme a bouquet of tulips, a Forever 21 gift card, GCs or even a mini cooper. Haha, see what I did there? I just spilled some more. :p On a more serious note, it’s not about the gifts you’d be giving me but the thought that you are still there continuously ruining my life, nah, I mean you’re still there… occupying a significant space in mi life.

Life gets better, cheers! :)


We don’t miss what we never had, but we miss terribly things we almost had. And we miss things we used to have most of all. Though we hope and pray for our relationships, our looks, and our lives to improve, having more also means having more to lose.”

― Tonya Hurley, Lovesick


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