Rustic Mornings

I bet it gives you such sheer joy knowing that you’re not required to hit the snooze button of your alarm clock or phone during holidays or just like today, due to the inclement weather brought by #TyphoonGlenda. Isn’t it glorious to  sleep 8-hours or so? It’s pretty nice to do few things that aren’t dictated by a corporate entity, well, every once in a while.

Hence, I have here an extremely outdated post that I forgot to publish haha! My bad. Anyway, since I’m quite bored, I decided to finally do something I’ve missed a lot. XD

Disclaimer: Outdated post is outdated. :)

Last March 8, 2014, I had a Saturdate with my family. On that day we wanted to sink our teeth into something different at a place in Marikina where everyone is raving about, and that is none other than Rustic Mornings by Isabelo.

Who would’ve have thought that this enchanting place actually exists in the midst of a city. Upon entering the nook, I just found myself having that gush of excitement with its shabby chic-ish, quirky and rustic decors and the ambience that feels like just a home. The place itself is a feast in the eyes.

Of course, other than that, what I looked forward to was their all-day breakfast offering ranging from waffles to delectable meals with rice. So, here’s what we chowed down at Rustic Mornings:

Chicken finger, salad and waffle. The butter was a great tickle to the palate! :3 And oh, I paired it up with a refreshing and healthy juice—Tropical Blend (papaya, pineapple and orange).

French toast, herbed hash browns and bacon. Gotta love that greasy hashbrown! <3

Beef tapa with rice and that fluffy omelette is a must-try!

Now, it’s time for the obligatory OOTD :):)

White midriff top, skater playsuit from FP Closet, beige doll shoes from Cotton On.

Get this awesomesauce look for an affordable price! Shop and get dolled up at FP Closet! ;) #shamelessplug

So there you have it, I’m officially a foodie now that I get bloated all the time. Thus, I have to tame the bulge as soon as possible or regret it, or not. Pardom the randomness. :P

I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You

Here’s a quick post. :) It’s been a while since I published something on this blog. Anyway, have you tried the new Skating Rink at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall? Well, you really should!

For Php 390 you’d get unlimited access to the skating rink with additional Php 40 for the locker to put up your bags/shoes. 

Skating was ever nostalgic to me since I’ve sorely missed it. The last time I went skating was way back when I was a kiddo. So, when I finally stepped on the ice, I was sort of whisked back to the old times.

I highly recommend this one! Go, try it! ;)

Gorlets, The Reunion

Outdated post is outdated.


After one and a half years, my college kada finally had a mini reunion. Abhie, our friend came back from the US and we didn’t pass that opportunity to see her again.


We ate lunch at Café Shibuya in Up Town Center that is located along Katipunan of Quezon City where our Alma matter, Miriam College is situated. (Apparently, it was my first time to go there.)

I was really excited to go back in Katip since I haven’t been to that place ever since I became a busy working lady. (lol). That time, I felt that most of my friends also changed, well for the better, I presume. Haha. But of course, there are certain things that remained the same.

Anyhow, It’s just a bit sad that during that time, we weren’t complete and I hope that someday, in the next years to come we can meet all together again.

After our catching up, we parted ways to our respective trajectories. And as for me, I dyed my hair. :P